Cultural and Creative Industries of childhood and youth

Valérie-Inés De la Ville, Pascale Garnier and Gilles Brougère, édité par Peter Lang


Written by specialists of cultural and creative industries of childhood and youth, this book offers new international and pluridisciplinary insights into the world of media and cultural goods in children’s and young people’s lives. The chapters investigate a large range of cultural industries (comic books, productions on YouTube, cartoons, TV series, digital services, etc.) and analyze the transmedia circulation of children’s culture. Far from univocal disciplinary discourses, the authors conducted in-depth empirical studies to examine the complexity of the cultural and creative prosumption practices of children and adolescents and to question the role of adults as well as the corporate social responsibility of media companies towards young audiences. Critical approaches to the equivocal links between cultural industries and youth audiences raise ethical issues in marketing and management realms, pointing to the diverse social and ideological roots of the child consumer and prosumer in cultural and creative industries.

This book includes original contributions by Gilles Brougère, Florence Chérigny, Natalie Coulter, Sébastien François, Pascale Garnier, Quentin Gervasoni, Alison Halsall, Yelyzaveta Hrechaniuk, Mary Grace Lao, Stine Liv Johansen, Stephen Kline, Eve Lamendour, Valérie-Inés de La Ville, Ester Martinez Pastor, and Patricia Nuñez Gomez.

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